DJ BrokeNINwing aka Dark Wing (Sillygoth) (djbrokeninwing) wrote,
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holy scha-moly

F. Fest was kickin' me and da girlies were keepin it real, yo
what a great night, but that was All Hallow's eve. Sin 0' Gogg was kooler than jesus (that is pronounce HAY-ZEUS) like the TKK tune, well if you do not know already, it is not worth me telling you.

lotsa cool happenings like Wumpskate and other cool bands around that I forget where we all live sometimes. I got new hair dye so we all know where Dani will be tmoro night.

Vlad always spins the music I am going to spin. He is either a genius or a bastard.
I am still trying to figure out which!

Okayzies, I am outtie here!
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