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well it was fun while it lasted but I think our room mate is moving out. she is still with that asshole and anna and I have no idea how she is doing this I mean like cant she see or somehthing. is the wool that thick over her eyes? When is it ok for a sistah to just up and leave her friends.

I am glad I have anna and raeven in my world and I =shudder to think= what would happen if vladplaid was not around. BTW I saw Vance's band tonight and they are soooo soosoosoososososo much better! YAY! I think hell_billy sitting in with them is da ticket, yo! It gives them a much more punkish flavor which reminds me a bit more of the band Vance had with Vlad back in de day. How on earth they ever were friends with that Al-ICK guy is beyond me. Ha, I could say behind me, or rather MY BEHIND.

brb in a second----------------------->

ok, now I am back with my food and sitting indian style in this comfy seat with my burgandy plushy oversized comforter HMMM, a COMFY comforter? who woulda thunk it, not eye said the blind man as he picked up his axe and saw!

Work is just dandy and the people are fine. I am missing the good ol' dayz since I am taking these new courses on top of work and the club and a girl has =goth= I mean =got= to have her own SO-SH-ALL life, right? RIGHT!!!

ok. I go now. Bye-bye.
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