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@ Quinkos

mmmm sitting here at the Quink with my room-mates.

I wonder where Anna is. Gloom is not really tlaking with Scari and I right now for some reason. I think she is being silly and maybe in need of a fierce bitchslap clean cross the face! She never goes out with us anymore! She was seing some jerk who thinks he is a rivte head boi but I know he is a trance faggot. I don't have anything against homosexuals and that is not what I mean by Faggot. What I mean is that he is a twerp and a STINKO that needs to leave from best friend that works at the QUINKO!

GOOD NEWS is that Scari now has her own live journal right here scari
Now she can fill you all in on her take of life. She has been typing a bit on mine lately and harrassing people, so now she can do it all on her own. BTW she just cut her hair and it looks so PURTY~~~~

ME thinks I will get her to cut mine soon!

I like the red and the extensions near the front since the rest of her hair is sorta short.

I need to get some flyer work done on this machine before I go of to work but I figured since I came her and stuff I would post a bit while having some coffee and a donutty delight!

Don't forget to welcome Scari!
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