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I hate them, I hate them all! I especially hate her for being so rude to me and being so selfish as to not care about MY feelings.

She always turns the tables and plays tricks to not feel the guilt about what she is doing, or more like what she might be up to. I have had people like her in my life before, but not in so many years. I mean, I am a young girl, with a pretty decently up attitude, but I mean like oh gohhwhwhwhwd, K-mohn already! Be honest with me. We have been through so much in such a short time, or maybe it has been a long time, but then again I am somewhat young and will always be learning more about people as I go through life.

Maybe I am just too sensitive. Maybe when I speak, they can't really HEAR me. Or maybe it is that they are not really LISTENING to me. I dunno, but I do realize that tonight was terrible and all of the girls were being ultra-ROOOOD!

I may have lost a few friends tonight, but my one friend, being a point for loss, will be a sore wound to heal over a long period of time. I will be ok, I always am. But right now I wish I still had my old FUZZY, the stuffed bunny-bear. He is blue and light colors and I have him back at my parents, in the attic with my old clothes and toys and possessions.

Maybe I need to be on my own. Maybe I need more time alone or with good friends.
I am hurt and angry! Why can people be like this. How can they be so confused. I think people are not, but some do not want to feel the guilt of letting others down, so instead they say they are confused in hopes the other person will do the job of LEAVING or breaking up or anything.

I know that I did it with the last relationship I was in.

YES, Danielle was ACTUALLY in a real relationship with a human!

It feels good to write, maybe I should get back to my craft.
DJing may be fun at the two nights with Vlad, but this is not what I will do with my life. I want to grow and experience. I want to see the world and taste it and smell it and everything! I want to be an old woman who sits on her rocking chair and can always have a new story for her children, grandchildren and their kids as well as everyone else who comes my way!

I may have to either start a novel soon or write lots more within this journal.

Tootles J!
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wow, this is so weird. I just went onto here to post again and figured I might as well check the friends list section of LJ and you just posted.

I just got in and I am so sorry for everything that is going on with you.
You don't need to hear any of my "chatter" as you might call it and you may never want to speak to me or Shari or ---well you kow who--- again, but I need you to know that *I* really care about you and that I never set out to hurt you and I cannot say anything for Shari and crew, but I do feel it is wrong for people to with-hold true feelings and opinions. It is simply not right and builds a relationship of falsity.

In this short period since the spring, I can easily say that we have already been through so many experiences and that I know there could be many more to come. I WANT to make the time to work on all of the clearing of the smoke. I will not rob you or even myself of the time so far. We set out to be friends and we will make it work. I mean why start being friends with someone only to let everything go at the first signs of possible confusion and uncertainty.

With time and patience comes clarity thru communication!

I promise to be a best friend!

---Raeven "your friend"
this means so much to me Rae
sometimes a few words like this can make on feel
much much much much,BETTER

time for purple soda.