DJ BrokeNINwing aka Dark Wing (Sillygoth) (djbrokeninwing) wrote,
DJ BrokeNINwing aka Dark Wing (Sillygoth)

welcome back - or so I thought

yipeee I-sa home!

I can not believe how long a week was. My room looks like someone may have gone into it but we can discuss this later. I just had food with Raeven and that totally was rad.

Blintzes and other cakey sorta thingies. Yummy fruit toppings!

I have not spoken with Gloomie yet but Scari and I sent a few emails just now. You may or nmay not have heard about the drama at the party from a week or so ago. It was nuts and James now revealed he is still so so so in love with her.

What madness we have out here, kiddies!

Imma gonna put on fuzzie slippers and work on some projects.
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