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so like what is the deal

no one even me seems to be psoting lately

or did you all make everything private from moi?

Scari has not been coming home this week and she never posted her story about last weekend. Anna has not been posting either.

Neither of them were at the club last night but I saw the GLOOM last night for a moment and all is back to normal at home. She said she just exploded after the SITUATION she had and that she was very sorry forit escalating as it did. Now that Gloom is back, Scari disappears.


drinking tons of CAFFFFFEEEEEEN and luvin evweee minoot ov eet!

I need a cigarette and an enema.

Raeven, I have the cd for you that I compiled with songs from Funker Vogt and the rare Sisters concert. I am hoping you will enjoy Love is colder than Death and London Broil After Midnight.
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