DJ BrokeNINwing aka Dark Wing (Sillygoth) (djbrokeninwing) wrote,
DJ BrokeNINwing aka Dark Wing (Sillygoth)

it has been a bunch of days since I posted.

I am not sure where to begin but the days and nights have been ok. I at the entire box granola bars in our closet and I then ate lots more. Work has been alright and I have barely been sleeping but what else is new with me and my roomies.

Scari and I were discussing how we really like hanging out with Raeven and that she would make a cool addition to our ladeeez club. We could be like KMFDM, only womyn (you ned to spell it with a Y, ok???)

welp, I should run off and fix a few things on this site for Vlad and then I have to go into work. wowweee zowwweee!
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